Unit & Fabrication

Units that can be done by PT. Malindo Karya Lestari are as follows:

1) Spur Gearbox Housing / Middle Section / Tail Section

Spurgear Box Housing

Spurgear Box Housing

Middle Section

Middle Section

Tail Section

Tail Section

2)Empty Fruit Bunch Crusher (klik here to download brosur)

Bunch Crusher

Empty Fruit Bunch Crusher MK 22 DBC

Specification      :

Model : MK 22 DBC
Capacity : 45-60MT/Hr
Motor : Elektrim 30Hp/380v/4 Pole
Gearbox : SEW Type MC 3PLSF03
Drive : Ratio 1 : 60
Jersey : Pulley 10″ B3 and Belts
Roller Crusher : 350mm x 1000mm x 10 Teeth c/w Hard Facing
Shaft : S45C 3.5″
Bearings : All the screw shafts of EN 9
UCP NTN 315 or equivalent
Gearbox to Crusher Drive using Chain
Base Frame : Coupling c/w 4pcs of Cast Steel Gear
Dimension : Reinforcement Frame 2200mm x 1000mm x 1120mm

3)Brush Strainer MK 20RS

Brush Strainer

Brush Strainer MK 20RS


Model : MK 20 RS
Type : Cylinder / Conica Bottom
Capacity : 20 m3/hr sd 30 m3/hr
Brush : 8 nos
Cylinder Perforation : 1.0mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Working Perssure : 5 kg/cm3 max
Geared Motor : 0.37KW , 415v x 60Hz 1450 Rpm

4)Ripple Mill MK 6T/8T

Ripple Mill

Ripple Mill MK 8T

Specification :

Model : MK 6T MK 8T
Capacity : 6 Ton/Hr 8 Ton/Hr
Rotor Rod : 19mm 25.5mm ∅VCN 150 (Hardening) c/w Wearing Steam Pipe 1″ Sch.40
Quantity of Rotor Rod : 38/42 pcs 46/48 pcs
Geared Motor : 15 Hp / 11Kw 20 Hp / 15Kw
Rotor Speed : 1080 Rpm 1500 Rpm




Fabrication that can be done by PT. Malindo Karya Lestari are as follows:

1)Thresser Drum

Capacity 30T , 45T , 60T or by request


 2)Fruit Cage

Capacity 2,5T ; 5T ; 7,5T or by request

 Lori Buah


Specification or Size by request

Air Lock

4)Deaerator Tank

Specification or Size by request

Deaerator Tank

5)Blowdown Silencer

Specification or Size by request


6)ID Fan , Secondary Fan using Creusabro4000 or Carbon Steel Material

ID Fan

7)Screw Conveyor or Cage Breaker Conveyor

Specification or Size by request

Screw Conveyor