Balancing & Overhaul Sludge Centrifuge & Fan

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PT. Malindo Karya Lestari able to do Balancing and Overhaul at Our Workshop and Factory.

We are able to do Balancing & Overhaul on:

1. Sludge Centrifuge & Bowl ( at our workshop)

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2. ID Fan
3. Secondary Fan
4. Nut Transport Fan
5. Fuel Draft Fan
6. Fiber Cyclone Fan
7. Kernel Transport Fan
8. Kernel Heater Fan
9. LTDS Cyclone Fan


Digital Balancing On Site Accuracy Minimum 97%, Maximum 99,7%.

The result of vibration after balancing is < 3 mm/seconds based on the standard so that the lifetime of bearing and shaft are higher and engine of the unit able to stay on low ampere.