Pressing Station

Download Brosur Screw Press MKL P-15 & Digester 4000L

Screw Press & Digester   Screw Press & Digester

Screw Press & Digester   Screw Press & Digester

Screw Press   WhatsApp Image 2020-02-15 at 11.43.38Presscage   Double Worm Screw



PT. Malindo Karya Lestari provide spare parts and units for the Pressing Station with a variety of types and brands.

Among them:

10T: CB, Wang Yuen, Smart P9, US 12, MK III

15T: CB, Wang Yuen, US, GS, EMI, MSB,
Kienseng, rate of P 15, AP 17, MKL P15

20T: CB, Wang Yuen, Kienseng, CHD P20,

Double Worm Screw Cast Steel / Chromemolly = 800 – 1000 hours
Expeller Arm , Beater Arm Long and Short = 2500 hours

Fabrication shafts for all types of Screw Press Units, Shafts KCP, Shaft Thresser & Shaft Digester.

By using standard materials ASSAB 705 or equivalent with a lifetime quality +/- 2000 hours of usage.