Pressing Station

Download Brosur Screw Press MKL P-15 & Digester 4000L

Screw Press & Digester   Screw Press & Digester

Screw Press & Digester   Screw Press & Digester

Shaft w cnc

Drive Shaft Machining With CNC Machine


Drive Shaft Hardness


CNC Machine

Screw Press   Presscage   Double Worm Screw



PT. Malindo Karya Lestari provide spare parts and units for the Pressing Station with a variety of types and brands.

Among them:

10-12T: CB, US

15-17T: CB, Wang Yuen, US, GS, MSB,
Kienseng, AP 17, MKL P15

20-26T: CB, Wang Yuen, Kienseng, CHD, Taner

Double Worm Screw Cast Steel / Chromemolly = 800 – 1000 hours
Expeller Arm , Beater Arm Long and Short = 2500 hours

Fabrication shafts for all types of Screw Press Units, Shafts KCP, & Shaft Digester.

By using standard material 6582, 7225 Pre Harden or equivalent with a lifetime quality +/- 1500 hours of usage.